My tried and tested recommendations—ranging from creative tools to productivity apps.

—  Creative Tools  —

Simple graphic design interface.

Online galleries to give and get design inspiration.

Fun automated emails and newsletters.

Gorgeous online invitations.

Iconic icons, totally free.

Beautifully designed questionnaires.

Outsource any task, starting at $5.


Design luxury business cards.

—  Emails  —

A free PDF editing software you'll actually like.

Quickly scans your documents and exports them as JPEG or PDF files.

Removes formatting from copy-paste text and counts your characters.

Schedules your emails and sends gmail reminders.

Sends emails to the future.

—  Finance  —

Secure online platform for trading cryptocurrencies. 

Free stock trading app with no brokerage fees.

App that tracks your finances and investment decisions.

—  Music  —

Identifies the music playing around you.

Digital music streaming service. No ads for $5/month.

Music and streaming platform. Great for up-and-coming artists and DJs.

Turns lectures and music videos into free downloadable audio files.

Digital audio editing and recording software.

—  Photography  —

High-quality public domain photos.

Breath-taking free stock photos.

Photo-editing app that adds amazing light leaks to photographs.

Photo-editing app that's great for retouching portraits. Worth the $4.

Easy-to-use photo-editing software.

Photo-editing app with arresting color filters. 

—  Productivity  —

Software that warms up your computer screen at night so you can sleep better.

Chrome extension that replaces tabs with gorgeous hi-res images and inspirational quotes.

Digital notebook that syncs across all devices.

Virtual to-do list and task manager.

Easy-to-navigate cross-platform vision board.

Design library that contains all your digital assets in one place.

—  Zen  —

Remove unnecessary files and free up space on your Mac.

Blocks access to distracting websites on your Mac.

Disables your Facebook newsfeed so you can focus better.