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Le fils de l’homme by René Magritte, SF MOMA
Untitled by Robert Gober, Fondazione Prada
Untitled by Anish Kapoor, Galleria Continua
Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama, Seattle Art Museum
Nike of Samothrace, The Louvre



Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palanhiuk
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


poems / stories / talks

The minute I heard my first love story by Rumi
What if you slept by Coleridge
If you were coming in the fall by Emily Dickinson
The Speed of Darkness by Muriel Rukeyser
An Imperial Message by Franz Kafka
The Monster by Ali Simpson
Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford commencement speech


✔️Amalfi, Italy (summer 2018)
⚪ Athens, Greece
⚪ Bali, Indonesia 
✔️ Bangalore, India (APM trip 2019)
✔️ Bangkok, Thailand (September 2019)
✔️Barcelona, Spain (spring 2017)
✔️Berlin, Germany (summer 2018)
⚪ Bogota, Colombia
✔️Budapest, Hungary (August 2018)
⚪ Buenos Aires, Argentina
⚪ Cairo, Egypt
✔️Camogli, Italy (one perfect weekend, summer 2015)
⚪ Cape Town, South Africa
⚪ Cappadocia, Turkey
⚪ Cinque Terre, Italy
✔️Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2018)
⚪ Cusco, Peru
⚪ Dubai, UAE
✔️Edinburgh, Scotland (May 2018)
✔️Florence, Italy (while traveling Italy, summer 2015)
⚪ Hamburg, Germany
⚪ Hong Kong, China
⚪ Ibiza, Spain
⚪ Istanbul, Turkey (passed through it at the airport, but that doesn’t count!)
⚪ Jakarta, Indonesia
⚪ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
⚪ Lima, Peru
✔️Lisbon, Portugal (twice and I miss it)
✔️London, England (too many times to count)
✔️Luxembourg (summer 2018)
✔️Lyon, France (February 2017)
⚪ Madrid, Spain
⚪ Marseilles, France
⚪ Melbourne, Australia
⚪ Mexico City, Mexico
✔️Milan, Italy (summer 2015)
✔️Monaco (with Mom & brother, on a cruise)
⚪ Mumbai, India
✔️New York City, NY (summer 2016)
✔️Nice, France (with Mom & brother, on a cruise)
✔️Osaka, Japan (APM trip ’19)
✔️Palma de Mallorca, Spain (with Mom & brother, on a cruise stop)
✔️Paris, France (one incredible 3-day weekend, summer 2015)
✔️ Porto, Portugal (September 2019)
⚪ Reykjavik, Iceland
⚪ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
✔️Rome, Italy (spring 2017)
✔️San Francisco, CA (2018 - 2019 <3)
⚪ Santorini, Greece
✔️ São Paulo, Brazil (APM trip 2019)
⚪ Seoul, South Korea
✔️ Singapore (September 2019)
⚪ Stockholm, Sweden
⚪ Sydney, Australia
⚪ Taipei, Taiwan
⚪ Tel Aviv, Israel
✔️ Tokyo, Japan (APM trip 2019)
✔️Venice, Italy (while traveling Italy, summer 2015)