A little bit about me.


I’m a writer and product manager based in San Francisco, California.

Born in China, I moved to the United States at the tender age of two. I spent my childhood in the Midwest, my adolescence in the American South. An imaginative little kid, I often frolicked in the verdant playgrounds that life in suburbia could afford me, dreaming of one day venturing beyond the white picket fence.

I attended college in a little town in Cambridge, Massachusetts, occasionally escaping those bracing New England winters by way of excursions through Europe and Asia. Charmed by the elegance of the old world, I fell in love with Europe while studying abroad. My heart remains there still.

After graduating from Harvard, I moved to California to immerse myself in a world of silicon and gold. I’m passionate about consumer product, entrepreneurship, and exploring opportunities in international markets. My playground is a lot bigger now, but I still remind myself to stop and smell the roses every day.

If you ever want to reach me, my inbox is always open. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


All my love,

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